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SABROSO Craft Beer and Taco Fest

It's official.  Sabroso Taco, Beer and Music Fest was a definite must eat, must drink and must see event.  It's NO wonder how this sold-out “mini” fest took over the sun blasted arena of Dana Point's Doheny State Beach.  Offering a field of premium, local craft breweries and taco artistry, this show delivered one hell of a good time.  And as if that wasn’t enough to get people off the couch, the rocking line-up of bands featuring legendary Sum 41 and the Offspring was sure to do the job.  It’s safe to say that this was not only a feast for the tastebuds but it was a feast for the ears as well.


At midday, a crowd of thirsty spectators, armed with beer tasting challesses, conquered the grass and beaches in an all out fight against the 9 to 5.  The tasting tents were swarmed with party goers eager to discover their new favorite draft.  It was quite an impressive display of old favorites, surprising under dogs and new experiments from the field of 40 different breweries.  And even more surprising, based on first glance at the scene, the turn around was incredible.  Thank you to all the employees and volunteers that made this mass tasting go off without the hitch.  The only thing flowing more than the beer taps was the lines.  No line was more than about 150 seconds longs.

With stomachs full of blondes, reds, lagers, ciders, pales and doubles, the crowds shifted towards the tacos trucks.  At the unreal price of $3, these amazing artisan tacos were sure to please the hungry, sun-burnt masses.  It was the perfect almost-summer pigout and the perfect match to the live Lucha Libra wrestling matches.  The Luchadores (and Luchadoras) put on quite a spectacle of humor and adrenaline right on the beach in and outside the ring.  They left the screaming crowd hungry for more and ready for the headliners to take over the night.


Of course, it goes without saying that this line-up was going to rock.  But the mood was set, the appetizers were finished and this concert did not let down any expectation.  High energy from start to finish, this show was seriously a slap in the face of the good ol’ days of pre-Steve Jobs entertainment.  It was truly a place and time to be apart of as the sun set and the speakers cranked.  Everyone left the field of battle that day with a new, re-inspired vigor for fun.


If there was ever any taco crushing, beer loving, red blooded american beach bum wondering how to spend a Saturday afternoon; Sobroso Fest is the destination.  We look forward to the encore of this event next year and highly recommended buying tickets early before it sells out again.

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