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BOOGALOO Art Car & Music Festival is launching the festival's 2nd annual mixtape contest.

As many of you may know it’s that time of the year again. It’s FESTIVAL SEASON! The long awaited Boogaloo fest is coming back to SoCal.

BOOGALOO Art Car and Music Festival is what happens to an electronic music festival when the rules get thrown out of the window. It’s all nonsense and 72 hours of dusty madness. The most joyous, vibrant, rowdy electronic music crews from all over the county will come together in the beautiful wilderness of Oak Canyon Ranch, Silverado to get real weird and to dance to the best DJs in House music, Techno, Bass, and Funk.

Not only is BOOGALOO one of Southern California’s best electronic music festivals but they are supporting local artist. For the second consecutive year they are hosting a mixtape contest. 2 lucky winners will win sets at this year’s BOOGALOO on one of the 2 main stages.

For all you aspiring DJs this is your opportunity to reach thousands and show the world what you got! Check out the rules and get your mix in now!


1) Record a new 45-90 mix, upload to soundcloud

2) title mix as so.

(Your artist name ) - Boogaloo mixtape contrast

3) Hashtag your mix.

House or techno #Unicornstage

Trap, Bass, Funk, DnB

4) In the description of your track include

5) Send your mix in a private message to the boogaloo soundcloud page.

Happy mixing and let's hear your best beats.

Check out a few of last years submissions.

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