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What exactly are the 2017 Grain Games? An event that gives local artists the opportunity to share their passion and a chance of a lifetime. We will be choosing 40 Southern California artist to participate in an art exhibit at the Rainwater Gallery that will be open to the public. All for a chance to win $2,500 in WOODSNAP prints, a personal wall to display your prints at Rainwater Art gallery, and a feature in STATEMENTS MAGAZINE.

We want to encourage anyone and everyone to enter for a chance to show off your talent.  We will be choosing our favorite 40 artists. There will be 4 categories for this contest; fine art, photography, graphic design, and mixed media. WOODSNAP will provide a print of the chosen artist’s work on at least a 16”x 16” premium Baltic birch wood, which the artist will keep ($150 value).


WOODSNAP’s are unique and beautiful as they do not print with any white ink. The lighter areas in the photo allows the wood grain to show though. Since no 2 pieces of wood are ever the same each print truly has its own unique fingerprint. WOODSNAP also uses a custom printing process where they infuse the ink into the wood giving more vibrant tones due to the natural warmth and grain of the wood.


On March 25th we will be having a party to show off the many talented artists chosen for the opening of the exhibit. The party will be free to the public and with complimentary beer, wine and grub. Each person who attends the party will get one free vote so be sure to bring your friends, family, and any fans of your art to vote for you. We will also be selling raffle tickets which will get you an extra vote in the contest and a chance to win some SoCal lifestyle necessities provided by our sponsors. The proceeds of the raffle will go towards a “Children’s Mini Monet class” and a coastal clean-up for our local beaches.


All you need to do to enter is submit your favorite photo or 2 to and follow @woodsnap and @statementsmagazine.


We encourage all to enter and share their creativity and unique talents. Our goal is to showcase local talents who have never had a chance to get into a gallery or hang next to some of their favorite artists. Good luck and get creative.

Check out some examples of some WOODSNAP prints.

Fine print


Each chosen artist is guaranteed 1 woodsnap minimum 16”x16” in size.  Sizes will be chosen at by WOODSNAP.


$2,500 in Woodsnap prints will be for a 15’x10’ wall display at Rainwater gallery that will be the artist to keep after the exhibit is over.


You must be in attendance to the event for your art to be displayed.


You must be willing to put your piece on sale for $250 to $500 depending on size, for one night only (event night) to help raise money for our charities listed above. If your piece sells the night of the event WOODSNAP will provide an additional print as yours to keep. For the rest of the time your art is on display you can choose to sell it or keep it at a price you set. Standard Gallery rates apply for any pieces sold during display after the event.


Must enter by March 17th. If you want your piece early to add your personal flare, you must enter by March 10th and return to Rainwater Gallery no later than March. 22nd.

None of this could be possible without our amazing sponsors. Each sponsor is unique and deserves credit for supporting their local community. Be sure to check them out and thanks again.

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