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2022 Kowabunga Van Klan are Back!

A VW bus meetup in Huntington Beach would be a fun and exciting event where owners and enthusiasts of Volkswagen buses gather along the beautiful coastline of Southern California. The event will take place at the Huntington Beach Pier, providing participants with a fantastic setting to showcase their beloved VW buses.

Enthusiasts from various parts of California and beyond would come together, bringing their uniquely customized and restored VW buses. These iconic vehicles, with their distinctive designs and retro charm, will create a colorful and nostalgic scene at the meetup.

Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of activities. VW bus owners will set up their own pop-up campers near the beach, creating a mini VW village where people can socialize, share stories, and bond over their mutual love for these classic vehicles.

Throughout the day, participants will enjoy beach activities such as beach volleyball, frisbee, and beachcombing. Given Huntington Beach's reputation as Surf City, some might even try catching some waves or simply relax on the sandy shores.

The meetup will also include planned group drives along the Pacific Coast Highway or other scenic routes, allowing participants to cruise together and take in the breathtaking coastal views. Along the way, they might make stops at iconic spots like the Huntington Beach Pier or visit nearby attractions.

In addition to the gatherings during the day, there could be evening events, such as beach bonfires and barbecues, where everyone can come together again, share a meal, and continue their conversations about VW buses and their adventures.

Vendors and sponsors might be present at the meetup, offering VW-themed merchandise, spare parts, and accessories, adding to the overall experience for attendees.

To stay informed about the specific details of the VW bus meetup in Huntington Beach, participants would likely check event listings on online forums, social media groups, and VW enthusiast websites dedicated to California or Huntington Beach gatherings.

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